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Leverage ChatGPT as your cognitive assistant for streamlined operations, empowering your organization with cutting-edge AI technology. 

AI Expert Systems

An AI Expert System has the remarkable capability to significantly reduce the costs associated with repetitive tasks by up to 90%. Picture it as a powerful “enhanced intellect” to better grasp its functionality. The system operates by employing semantic AI search within your specific data, enabling it to establish contextual understanding, and then utilizes OpenAI’s ChatGPT to generate precise textual responses.

The practical applications are vast and diverse, ranging from analyzing legal documents, generating contracts, producing content for digital marketing, offering translation services, and enhancing customer support, among many others. The possibilities are boundless, limited only by one’s imagination.

Envision having ChatGPT generate responses based on your exclusive and confidential data, all within your privately owned AI-based cognitive framework. This precisely encapsulates the essence of an AI Expert System, presenting a revolutionary approach to streamlining tasks and enhancing productivity.

Built on Your Data

Our AIDGTL – AI Expert Systems are uniquely built upon your data, enabling ChatGPT to become a specialized expert in your domain. By utilizing various data sources like website scraping, PDF uploads, and database extraction, it gains profound knowledge about your business.

As a result, OpenAI’s ChatGPT evolves from being a generalized AI model into a highly specialized expert within the precise domain you require it to excel. It becomes an adept problem solver equipped with a profound understanding of your business context.

You can import data in various formats, including XML, JSON, CSV, PDF, or YAML, ensuring seamless integration and ease of use.

Elevated Cognition

The AI Expert System acts as a game-changer. Envision multiplying your organization’s collective IQ by 10 times in just 5 minutes. It empowers you to handle urgent tasks efficiently, like translating documents into multiple languages on tight deadlines.

Our AI Expert Systems offer flexibility by allowing you to create multiple models, granting access to employees based on their roles. Each department, be it legal or marketing, can have its customized model, ensuring personalized cognitive support.

With this personalized expert assistance, employee productivity can soar up to 10 times higher. Combining AI Expert Systems with our ChatGPT website chatbot, you can automate up to 50% of tasks, optimizing the rest by a whopping 90%. Embrace the potential of transformative efficiency and productivity gains with our AI-powered solutions.

Explore Our Use Cases

Here are a few instances where our AI Expert System can be applied.


Enhance your website’s user experience with our AI Website Search solution, designed to help visitors easily find what they’re looking for. Our system employs semantic search, enabling it to display associated results and comprehend users’ intentions, providing you with an upsell opportunity that traditional search methods cannot match. Consider how many potential sales you missed simply because your visitors couldn’t find the products Discover more about the benefits of ChatGPT for E-Commerce.

Customer Service: 

By implementing an AI Expert System, your customer service agents experience an instant tenfold increase in their intelligence. A peer-reviewed study has demonstrated a remarkable 14% productivity improvement by harnessing ChatGPT for customer service. The concept revolves around our AI Expert System acting as a cognitive assistant, empowering your agents to address client inquiries more effectively. Learn more about our ChatGPT for Customer Service solutions here.

Digital Marketing:

Are you overwhelmed with the need to produce multiple articles for various clients daily? Our AI Expert Systems offer a game-changing solution by generating 500+ words articles in seconds. These articles seamlessly integrate with your existing content and maintain the same writing style. Learn more about leveraging ChatGPT for content production and explore the possibilities of ChatGPT for Digital Marketing to revolutionize your content creation process. 

One-of-a-kind Technology

Our unique technology intelligently refines your content, enabling our AI Expert System to establish “associations” between seemingly unrelated concepts. This enables you to pose questions like “What’s the difference between a and b” and have the system analyze these distinctions.

We have dedicated significant effort to optimize and enhance the system’s quality, ensuring superior results for you, the end user.

The system’s versatility is exceptional, as it offers an array of configuration options, almost akin to “splitting the atom.” Combined with our foundation built on top of AIDGTL Cloud, our AI and Machine Learning platform stands out, providing you with unprecedented administrative capabilities for your AI Expert System. Contact us today to explore the possibilities or opt for our DIY version if you prefer self-setup. We are eager to demonstrate what our technology can do for you.

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