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AI Website Search

AI Website Search provides a Google or Bing-like search experience, but exclusively returns pages from your own website. Users can find desired information using natural language queries, and the system will match relevant pages within your website.

Built on the advanced technology of ChatGPT and utilizing OpenAI’s APIs, the AI Website Search benefits from extensive internet training data, while exclusively displaying search results from your website.

Feel free to try it out in the top/right corner of this page. Type a natural language query for what you’re looking for, and witness the remarkable accuracy and speed of the system’s responses. Simplify and enhance your website’s search functionality with AI Website Search.

Built on Your Content

Our AI Search solution functions similarly to our ChatGPT website chatbot. It facilitates crawling and scraping of your website’s URLs, which the system then matches to search queries, presenting relevant results as users explore content on your website.

By leveraging advanced machine learning technology, AI-based search delivers superior results, grasping the user’s intentions and requests semantically.

In cases where the search query doesn’t yield exact matches, our solution employs fuzzy algorithms to return the closest possible match. For instance, if a user searches for “Schrodinger’s dog” and no direct match is found, the system might cleverly suggest “Schrodinger’s cat” as a related option, ensuring a more helpful and inclusive search experience.

Your Personalized Google

The AI Expert System acts as a game-changer. Envision multiplying your organization’s collective IQ by 10 times in just 5 minutes. It empowers you to handle urgent tasks efficiently, like translating documents into multiple languages on tight deadlines.

Our AI Expert Systems offer flexibility by allowing you to create multiple models, granting access to employees based on their roles. Each department, be it legal or marketing, can have its customized model, ensuring personalized cognitive support.

With this personalized expert assistance, employee productivity can soar up to 10 times higher. Combining AI Expert Systems with our ChatGPT website chatbot, you can automate up to 50% of tasks, optimizing the rest by a whopping 90%. Embrace the potential of transformative efficiency and productivity gains with our AI-powered solutions.

Explore Our Use Cases

Here are a few instances where our AI Website Search can serve as a source of inspiration for your creative ideas.


Our AI Website Search excels where traditional navigation falls short. With the capability to quickly process thousands of pages, it swiftly provides users with exact matches based on their intentions. This understanding of user “intentions” sets it apart from keyword search, ensuring superior and relevant results in seconds. Simplify the user experience on your website and offer effortless access to relevant information with our AI-powered search.


For E-Commerce websites with a multitude of products, ensuring easy navigation for visitors is essential. AI Website Search can swiftly match their queries, providing relevant results in seconds. Moreover, with proper configuration, it can also return related products, enhancing the user experience. Discover more about our ChatGPT for E-Commerce solutions.


Simplify navigation through complex product documentation with our AI Website Search. Users can ask questions in natural language and receive instant, relevant results, avoiding overwhelming traditional navigation methods like the “navbar monster.” Make your documentation easily accessible and user-friendly with our intuitive AI-powered search solution.


One-of-a-kind Technology

Our unique technology intelligently refines your content, enabling our AI Expert System to establish “associations” between seemingly unrelated concepts. This enables you to pose questions like “What’s the difference between a and b” and have the system analyze these distinctions.

We have dedicated significant effort to optimize and enhance the system’s quality, ensuring superior results for you, the end user.

The system’s versatility is exceptional, as it offers an array of configuration options, almost akin to “splitting the atom.” Combined with our foundation built on top of AIDGTL Cloud, our AI and Machine Learning platform stands out, providing you with unprecedented administrative capabilities for your AI Expert System. Contact us today to explore the possibilities or opt for our DIY version if you prefer self-setup. We are eager to demonstrate what our technology can do for you.

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