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Leverage the power of ChatGPT for Digital Marketing and supercharge your marketing department’s performance by up to 90%! 

AIDGTL ChatGPT For Digital Marketing

Leveraging ChatGPT for Digital Marketing offers an array of automated tasks. This powerful tool can generate content, optimize Social Media (SMO), and even gather leads effortlessly. At AIDGTL, we are experts in harnessing ChatGPT’s potential for Digital Marketing, evident through our website. 

A recent study revealed that 50% of your customers expect immediate answers from your company. To meet these demands without having to hire a large workforce, innovative solutions are essential. This is precisely where we excel – thinking outside of the box is at the core of our expertise. Let us help you meet customer expectations and deliver exceptional service through creative and efficient strategies.

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AIDGTL ChatGPT on WhatsApp

As a digital marketer, it’s crucial to engage clients on platforms where they are most active. In addition to providing ChatGPT website chatbots, we offer the capability to set up ChatGPT for WhatsApp as well. This enables seamless communication between ChatGPT and your customers and leads via WhatsApp, while also automatically collecting their email addresses and contact information.

These chatbots are personalized to your specific data, allowing us to integrate information from various sources like website scraping, PDF documents, XML documents, or any other relevant data you possess. The result is an AI-based WhatsApp chatbot with responses of the same high quality as ChatGPT, but with the added advantage of being fully knowledgeable about your company.

Furthermore, we offer seamless integration with your preferred workflow system, CRM system, or any other existing systems you have in place. This ensures a smooth and efficient implementation of ChatGPT within your existing business infrastructure.

Whitelabel AIDGTL ChatGPT Solution

We now offer a ChatGPT white-label solution tailored specifically for your digital marketing company. With this solution, you can seamlessly present our ChatGPT product as your own, giving you the opportunity to leverage its capabilities to generate leads for your digital marketing agency and even upsell additional services to your clients.

Our white-label package includes comprehensive training, second-level support, reliable hosting, ongoing development, and a collection of marketing materials to assist you in promoting the service. Think of it as starting with a fully established, pre-created company, similar to a franchise model. The best part is, there are no upfront costs involved; instead, it operates on a revenue-sharing basis.

If you’re interested in getting started with this exciting opportunity, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Let’s work together to take your digital marketing business to new heights with our white-labeled ChatGPT solution.

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